推荐买球平台 Food Ingredients (ofi)

    ofi 是天然优质食品和饮料原料和解决方案的全球领导者吗.

    推荐买球平台 Food Ingredients is now known as ofi. 专注于推荐几个足彩外围app全球知名的原材料和配料平台——可可, 咖啡, 乳制品, 坚果, 和香料. We still offer everything we did before. 新的是,推荐几个足彩外围app正在增加能力-特别是在产品开发-与推荐几个足彩外围app的客户密切合作, sharing our fresh ideas to inspire new concepts. Making it real at every step, from plant to palate.

    Proposed demerger and 阿里巴巴首次公开募股

    ofi was created in early 2020 following a re-organisation 以释放并最大化推荐买球平台的长期价值,包括IPO和同时分拆. ofi 打算在伦敦证券交易所的溢价板块寻求主要上市, and a concurrent secondary listing in 新加坡.


    "True partnerships can lead to extraordinary outcomes, especially when there’s a common goal, shared ethics and the desire to co-create. 在ofi,推荐几个足彩外围app致力于在价值链的长度和广度上进行创新. We bring unique solutions combining plant science, 多种趋势食品应用的来源和可持续性影响, to help our customers differentiate and grow."

    A. Shekhar
    Chief 执行 Officer, ofi

    It’s easy to make something taste amazing. 要把它填满营养价值也要困难得多. 如何确保它的来源符合道德规范,对地球有益呢?

    通过消费和品类趋势的共同线索, 推荐几个足彩外围app的原料使您有无数的机会为您的消费者创造天然的优质食品和饮料产品. 推荐几个足彩外围app的新想法很适合面包店的应用, 饮料, chocolate and confectionery, 乳制品 and dessert, savory and culinary and snacking categories. 此外,为那些已经变得如此受欢迎的植物性选择提供了许多机会.

    We deliver value, 用推荐几个足彩外围app的新想法支持增长并为客户创造影响, ingredients and solutions that are:

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